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About Digital Library

New technology is being increasingly utilized not only for automation of library functions but also for enhancement of information access and delivery of items not physically contained within the library boundaries. Urban Unit Learning Resource Center has a separate section for the digital sources this section is called Digital Library Section. This section contains four computers, with high speed internet facility and air-conditioned peaceful environment. A digital library is a collection of documents in organized electronic / digital form, available on the Internet or on CD-ROM disks. In this section, Online Public Access Catalogue and scanned images of Titles, Contents and Indexes of library books are also available. Furthermore HEC digital library access is available.

Digital Library Section is based on two components:
HEC digital library e-books and thesis are available on following databases:

About Audio / Video

Videos and documentaries are effective advocacy tools which are being used to highlight the achievements both in urban and rural development. This tool is very helpful to make research more useful, interesting and effective. LRC of the Urban Unit have a modern Audio/Video section as well. This part of LRC is a supporting instrument for young researcher to have a glimpse of modern techniques and experiences in developing countries for urban reforms. The collection in the section is comprises mostly on Urban Sector related subjects. The collection reflects the best practices of world’s cities and process adopt by the different countries for reforms. Experience sharing, lessons learnt and dissemination of information is the key strength of these collections. This collection serves as a training material for different users according to their needs, especially for those who have no opportunity to get a proper training. So it’s a key source to enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to adopt new ways of management according to available resources, without much investment. Audio Video Section is equipped with home theater system, disk player, and cd/ DVDs.

Audio / Video Section Services

This section contains:

  • Knowledgeable collection of CD’s, DVDs on urban sector related

Other Facilities for Users:

  • Comfortable and air-conditioned environment
  • Video sessions
  • Discussions with senior specialist

Visitors are not entitled to:

  • Use of computer facilities for word processing, internet access or email
  • Copying of video and audio tapes
  • Issuance queries regarding electronic collections are not be entert